Learning Tools

Promote critical thinking and creativity…offering valuable Hands-On learning for ALL AGES!



Dash Launcher

Use Apple, Android and Kindle devices to learn programming logic and control Robots!

Coding offers the opportunity to create and succeed in a digital world.

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OSMO is an Award Winning Educational Game System that uses “reflective artificial intelligence” technology with an iPad to “see” objects on the flat surface in front of it…offering an exciting and engaging Hands-On learning experience.
OSMO Genius Kit

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TIGGLY Learning System

A Smart Way to LEARN!…”Toys that make your kids smarter.” – Time Magazine

The Tiggly Learning System has silicone touch points so your tablet reacts to them just like your finger tips.  Tap and the screen reacts.
No need for batteries, bluetooth or WiFi.  The magic is in its simplicity!
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LEGO® for ALL Ages

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Ozobot Best Robot 2015

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 SPRK – App Controlled Robotic Ball

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 Aeronautics, Energy, Robotics, Machines & Mechanisms


K'NEX Aeronautics

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